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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  March 29, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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put together by advocating that president obama might not be born in this country. i see no evidence that's the case. >> all right. i don't get it, i don't understand why we keep talking about it. i, for one, think it is ridiculous, and we should stop talking about it. that's "hardball" for now. "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" starts right now. senator chuck schumer accused the tea party of hoping for a government shut down. republicans spent all day attacking him, but did they spend any time finding a compromise to stop a shut down? senator schumer will tell us. >> we're not take anything off the table at this point. >> i am not going to put any options on the table or take any options off the table. >> the president pushes his strategy in libya. the republican speaker can't push his plan to cut spending. >> budget talks have stalled. >> our goal is to cut spending. >> $30 billion. they would have taken that in a heartbeat. >> even if republican leaders
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want to compromise, the tea party won't let them. >> the tea party has moved the negotiations to the right. >> is your party showing leadership on this front? >> not yet. >> okay. >> not yet. >> right now, we are ten days away from a government shut down, and it will delay your taxes. >> if they shut down the government, will they shut down the war in libya? >> no. >> the president depends his decision to take action in libya and wins over some adversaries. i believe the president's decision to intervene in libya deserves strong bipartisan support. >> we had a unique circumstance to save a lot of lives. >> how does it end. >> you've got a wounded snake there, and you've got to kill it. >> i consulted with a bipartisan group, including the speaker of the house, including the republican leader. >> i think his actions were in keeping both with the constitutional powers of the president. >> and just when sarah palin thinks she finally has this whole foreign policy thing down, the king of fox news turns on
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her. >> she's not engaging directly. >> asked her specific questions, she didn't want to answer, she was giving a speech. >> the obama doctrine is full of chaos and questions. it i dogyit on donald trump. >> i, for one, do not believe we should be raising that issue in ald trump? >> i think he is talented, i think he is funny, i think he is interesting. >> the greatest president in the history of the united states, me, donald john trump. >> winning! >> good evening from new york. we are once again days away from a deadline for funding the federal government. talk of a shut down is once again in the air, and this time all sides are promising it won't
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be like last time. four weeks ago when the congress voted to simply continue temporary funding for a few more weeks. speaker of the house, john boehner, approaching this deadline with all the sert tud and determination he brought to all the other deadlines, blinked today, and tried to restore the possibility of doing yet another temporary budget extension. >> i'm not going to put any options on the table or take any options off the table. our goal is to cut spending because it can lead to a better environment for job creators in america. that's our goal. we're going to continue to pursue our goal. >> but the option of a temporary bill was immediately taken off the table by house majority leader, eric cantor, who is so close to boehner's throne, he
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may try for the speaker's job if he disappoints the tea party in any way. chuck schumer describes the conundrum this way. >> the speaker has said all along he wants to avoid shut down at all costs. madam president, i believe him. he's a good man. the problem is a large percentage of those in his party don't feel the same way. they think compromise is a dirty word. they think taking any steps to avert a shut down would mean being the first to blink. so speaker boehner is caught between a shut down and a hard place. he's caught a tiger by the tail in the form of the tea party. >> on thursday, tea party supporters will descend on the capitol to protest the lack of leadership, unquote, lack of courage that led members of congress to abandon service to the people by passing continuing
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resolutions instead of cutting the hundred billion they pledged. potential 2012 candidate for president, congresswoman michele bachmann will headline that rally. newt gingrich will also be at the capitol thursday, speaking to house freshmen. there is no chance that gingrich will say anything like what he said when he was in a similar situation as speaker and actually had the responsibility of governing. >> newt gingrich gave a speech when we reached the '98 agreement between clinton and gingrich, and he said to his what he called perfectionist caucus, look, they elected a democratic president, some democrats in the senate and house, and by the way a number of republicans in the senate that don't agree with the republicans in the house, and the american public expects us to move forward. if the profession is caucus and the republican party wins and shuts down the government, it will be to the great detriment
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of our country and our economy. >> joining me now, the senior senator from new york, senator chuck schumer. thanks for joining me tonight, senator. >> nice to be with you. >> senator, any progress today in the negotiations on possible budget compromise? >> no, i don't think there was too much progress. the bottom line is the tea party continues to pull at speaker boehner, say don't come to any compromise. their positions continue to be extreme. and we know that hr 1 will not pass the senate and the president would veto it. so their solution just doesn't work, and would lead if they stick with it and if boehner sticks with them, it will lead to a government shut down. >> what is the democratic senate proposal on the budget compromise at this point? >> we propose something very reasonable. we met them halfway. they want 60 billion in cuts below the president's number. we were happy to stick with the freeze at the president's number, but we're willing to
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meet them halfway. today, leader reed said we are willing to cut 30 billion. we are trying to reach out, compromise, meet part of the way. as i said before, i think speaker boehner would like to do that, but he has a tiger by the tail, the tea party, that believes compromise is a dirty word. >> senator, there are many details in a version of a budget bill, including the de-funding of planned parenthood. if that was in the house proposal and insistence on complete de-funding of planned parenthood, would you in the senate be able to accept that? >> no. there was some talk about some riders being accepted, but let's be clear, those would be noncontroversial riders we haven't heard about. bottom line, planned parenthood or epa, we will not accept those riders, and any thought to the contrary is wrong. we believe that they don't belong in a budget bill. there can be debate on these
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issues. we believe they would be defeated in the senate. to try to get them part of this budget bill will just ruin the ability to come to a fair compromise and keep the government running. >> senator, "the new york times" reported you had a conference call with the press about this situation, and apparently the call was open sooner than you quite realized and you were overheard according to "the new york times" trepg the other senators by saying i always use the word extreme, that is what the caucus instructed me to use this week. is that a true report of the way this call developed? >> yeah, and there is no -- i used the word extreme repeatedly. i have no problem that reporters heard me use the word extreme. many of them have as well. our caucus had a meeting a few weeks ago where we decided to call the hr 1 extreme, and it is
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extreme. for instance, cutting cancer research, i think that's extreme. how about cutting meals on wheels, which feeds home bound senior citizens while refusing to touch the oil companies. that's extreme. cutting boarder security when there's a clamor to stop illegal immigration. and jon kyl has said that's a bad idea. and these riders, de-funding planned parenthood are extreme, and republicans like susan collins and scott brown said those are wrong to be in the bill. so yes, hr 1, the bill that the tea party sticks with and that they are not budging from is extreme. i said it before, i said it on that call, i'll say it again, that's not news and i have no problem that reporters heard that, heard me say that. >> senator, before you go, i just want to get one question about the situation in libya, your reaction to the president's speech. have you been surprised by the
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amount of criticism the president has received in washington given that on march 1st, you introduced a resin the senate which passed unanimously, unanimously condemning gadhafi's abuse of human rights inibya and calling for a un enforced no-fly zone. that was voted for unanimously by the senate. >> i think the president has done two things i think are well received by the american people. first, the mission is limited. it is to the air. it is to first humanitarian purposes as the resolution called for to prevent the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent libyans in benghazi. and second, to of course the second part of the mission which i think americans support is from the air to disrupt gadhafi's control and command and supply lines. but the second part of this i think is really noteworthy, we are fighting two land wars in asia, have huge domestic needs,
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and the president in a relatively short period of time has brought others in to take a major share of the fighting. nato is in charge, british and french are out there, even arab nations are out there. if this is a template to the future, there has to be other nations of the world stepping up when there are humanitarian crises, and the president has done it and done it very well. >> senator chuck schumer from new york. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, nice to talk to you, larry. >> joining me now, ezra klein, columnist for "the washington post" and msnbc analyst. ezra, thanks for joining me. >> good evening. >> what is the state of play on the budget stalemate on capitol hill now? >> stale and grim. i woke up today, i talked to people, and i became very pessimistic there would be a began this process, when they came out with the first number to cut, 32 billion.
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then there was revolt in the house, you win, 64 billion. now the democrats moved to where paul ryan was when he began. even if they get that number, in washington would be considered a win for the democrats, they have gone to where the republican leadership thought the opening bid would be. so when we actually get a deal, i think the cuts are going to be really dramatic, more so than the adults in both parties thought were wise a couple months ago. >> there is no version of this that you can see that isn't a republican victory, whether the republicans understand that or not is what is unclear. as you say, they moved all the way over to the republicans' opening gap butt, but what would be the possible solution to getting something that passes the house and senate. can, for example, john boehner abandon the tea party and create a package that is voted for by
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enough democrats and enough republicans in the house to get something through the house that then harry reid can get through the senate? >> i don't believe he can. what the tea party and other parts of the republican party have become good at doing last year, demonstrated their capacity to do is hurting their own in couple benlts. they are not great at winning elections, republican party, but they are good at knocking off republicans. eric cantor has better relationships with the freshm anewer face ithe pty ifohbone ab dll eneyn tar d moves over to get a deal with the democrats, they are going to depose him, and they know that. so he is between demands from them that can't go to the senate, so he goes into a government shut down, which he does not think is good for his side and the other option that is not good for him. he is in a bit of a tough spot. >> conventional wisdom in the media has always been that the government shut down newt gingrich was part of in the '90s
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was bad for the republicans and good for president clinton, but what newt gingrich will tell the freshmen thursday on capitol hill, when the government shut down, the next election, 199 newt gingrich won that election, that republicans continued to win the house and the senate, and after having been in the minority in the house for 40 years, the gingrich thinking about the gingrich shut downs were that they were successful politically for the house and senate republicans. >> and as you know, bill clinton also won that election. so there is good evidence from political scientists. you don't have a lot of shut downs at the federal level, but had many on the state level. what they found is a shut down under divided government helps the executive, he gets a boost in the next election, and it hurts every single incumbent, every republican or democrat
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legislator. what will likely happen in shut down is that barack obama will look presidential, will try to bring two sides together, tell them to stop squabbling, and members of congress will look back and have a harder time telling voters why they should be reelected. this is congressional versus presidential. if i were john boehner or harry reid, i would not want this to happen. >> ezra klein staying with us for the ten more days of drama before the possible government shut down. ezra, thanks very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. still to come, the president's speech on libya did little to slow criticism from the right or left, and john mccain has finally snapped out of his reflexive position of everything anti-obama and become one of the president's strongest supporters on libya. nicholas kristof of "the new york times" joins me. and is donald trump pandering to the birthers, or does he actually believe the
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of birtherism. if you reveal your birth certificate, get it right the first time. and bill o'reilly takes a swipe at sarah palin. what's the wizard of fox up to now?
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one day after president obama addressed the nation on the situation in libya, the question is what is our end game. brian williams asked the president that today. >> our role is to provide support, intelligence, jamming capabilities, refueling capabilities, and so we have been able to spread the burdens of maintaining a no-fly zone and protecting civilian populations and we can do that for quite some time. >> criticism of the president continues from the left. congressman dennis kucinich sent a letter to congress calling for support for his amendment to cut off funding for the operation in libya. it read in part last night the president said it took one month to put together a response to the situation in libya, the president had time to consult with the international community but had no time to come to the united states congress. brian williams also pressed the president on that point. >> tempers are still pretty
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frosted in congress over the lack of consultation as you know, and people have been reading back this quote from candidate barack obama in 2007. quote. the president does not have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. history has shown us time and time again, military axis most successful when it is authorized and supported by the legislative branch. what happened in this instance? >> well, keep in mind that we had to move quickly to save lives. gadhafi's forces were on the edge of benghazi. i consulted with a bipartisan group, including the speaker of the house, including the republican leader in the senate, and made sure that they knew this was a possibility that might take place, but we might have to move quickly. now, since that time we've had extensive consultations with congress, and the key point here
8:22 pm
is that this is not a situation analogous to iraq in which we are devoting ground troops and a long, protracted battle that puts american lives at risk. obviously there are always costs and risks involved in a war as i indicated, but for us to take this limited action, limited in both time and scope, to ensure that potentially thousands of people were saved in a neighborhood that could be profoundly destabilized, libya borders on egypt and tunesia, two countries going through peaceful transitions, and making sure those were successful i think was the right thing to do. >> nicholas kristof, "the new york times" columnist, thanks for joining us. what was your reaction to the president's speech and through brian williams today? >> i thought it was very good. i thought it was important to layout the basis by which we have humanitarian interventions. the oldest problem of
8:23 pm
international relations, what you do when a leader is devouring his people. >> and there's always a craving for a doctrine, craving for precedent for show us what our historical precedent is for doing this, and if there isn't any, have we just established a new doctrine that says we must do x in the future if it fits near this. aren't we really in a situation, a universe here, where you can't get doctrines out of these individual decisions presidents make? >> you would have thought after eight years of george w. bush, we would be fed up with doctrine era approaches or ideological approaches. i tend to think there's danger in people sitting around a conference table in washington and coming up with necessary and specific intervention. and weighing out the end game. i think it is better to adopt a fit the case model, and it is less satisfying intellectually,
8:24 pm
but more likely to result in a successful outcome on the ground. >> listen to what the president said to brian williams about exactly this issue does libya set a policy standard. >> so when people hear words like values and interests and your phrase the flow of commerce, which some people couldn't help but substitute oil, they shouldn't think there is any blanket policy, this may be an ad hoc business if this so-called arab spring turns into arab summer and we keep at this, watching countries change. >> well, what is absolutely true is that when you start applying blanket policies on the complexities of the current world situation, you're going to get yourself into trouble. so in each of these situations, the application of force is something that from my perspective you preserve and are very careful to use. that does not mean, though, that you don't continue to apply all the other range of tools that
8:25 pm
you've got available to see if we can make a difference, and move history in a better direction. it's in america's interest for the middle east and north africa to be more democratic, more free. >> is that a fair statement of america's interest in that region? >> yes, it is, and i think that the left has overdone the argument that we're inconsistent. of course, we're inconsistent, of course we are more likely to intervene in a country with oil rather than e tha doesn't t at t end ofhey,the iso chan w ghe african union or arab league to approve of other interventions, there is no way to build a mul leral coalition r inteentionn her plas, and wouluch rather inconsistently save some lives than consistently save none. >> and isn't there, in fact, a military consistency within this inconsistency in the sense that they look at the terrain, they look at libya and they say you know what, our equipment, our
8:26 pm
planes, our big weapons, they'll work there. we can actually beat back what gadhafi is trying to do with the technology we can bring to this, whereas they may look at an african country, jungle environment, a vietnam type environment, and say we are not successful in that kind of environment, so we're not going in. >> i think there's an element of that. i think the more important element is the question how the local people will react. if we were to go to yemen or where you have a nasty dictator, the yemenese would be aghast. there is no doubt that ordinary libya libyans, especially in the east, are overwhelmingly behind this. >> when you look at what the president said he needed to see in order to do that, you don't see that in the other cases we talked about, the population wanting us there, the u.n.
8:27 pm
acting, everything that came together. >> right. this is really something unique. when you have a leader threatening or attacking his people, slowly over a period of years public pressure builds to intervene. this time we did it in three and a half weeks, and i hope that is a stepping stone to something in the future where we're more likely to help avert massacres. >> he did consult with leadership of the congress, including republican leadership. do you suspect if any of those republican leaders he consulted with told him don't do it we'd be hearing him say that today? >> i would say so. and you know, at the end of the day you had libyans fighting right in front of the hotel in benghazi where foreign reporters were staying. if we had waited another day, there would have been blood in the streets of benghazi. >> nicholas kristof of "the new york times." thank you very much for joining us. coming up, looks like the
8:28 pm
honeymoon is over between sarah palin and bill o'reilly, because when bill o'reilly starts comparing her to the president of the united states, he doesn't mean it as a compliment. and the flip flop of the year goes to rand paul on libya. he can't remember what he voted for just 29 days ago. that's in the "rewrite." power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 80% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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ahead this hour, donald
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trump apparently can't read the facts on barack obama's birth certificate. and when challenged to release his own birth certificate, he released the wrong document. how much damage is donald trump doing to the republican party, and why he doesn't care. and the hand that feeds sarah palin is now biting her. fox turns on its favorite, coming up. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. premier of the packed bag.
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i want him to show his birth certificate. i want him to show his birth certificate. there's something on that birth certificate he doesn't like. >> oh, my god. >> in the "spotlight" tonight, thanks to donald trump, the phony issue of president obama's citizenship is back, so much so that when tim pawlenty visited "morning joe" this morning, he was asked. >> what do you make of this angle with the birther? >> i, for one, do not believe we should be raising that issue in the sense that i think president obama was born in the united
8:36 pm
states. >> you don't play into that? >> no, i don't play into that. >> that's what adults sound like in the republican presidential campaign. to prove his citizenship, donald trump released his certificate of birth yet. unfortunately, it was not an official birth certificate, it was a hospital issued certificate of live birth. the only one that can issue that is the department of health. that includes the health department seal and city registrar's signature. unlike this certificate of live birth released in 2008, trump's birth certificate couldn't be used to get a passport. after learning of his mistake, trump provided a copy to abc news today. here it is, issued by department of health, signed by the city registrar. so i, for one, am now willing that accept that donald trump is officially eligible to continue his fake run for the president until he has to go back into
8:37 pm
production for episodes of his nbc show, which i believe has something to do with firing people, which i further believe is not the best imagery to carry into a presidential campaign during the highest unemployment rates of the 21st century. joining me now, washington editor of mother jones, politics daily columnist and msnbc analyst, david corn. thanks for joining us. >> good evening, lawrence. >> david, is it politically wise for tim pawlenty to so clearly divorce himself from the birther movement? >> well, i think it shows that tim pawlenty has a set of principles. he is willing to pander to the tea party, but not to the birthers. that makes him one of the few adults in the room. it does show to be less glib, that he is serious about his candidacy because anybody that runs for the republican party inauguration is going to have to run in the general election and will have to bring in more votes than just the birthers. they have to appeal to
8:38 pm
independents, maybe even to some democrats, and get republicans to think that they are serious minded people. talking about obama's birth certificate, when we have three wars, almost double digit inflation shows you're not serious. i think tim pawlenty, mitt romney when he comes on the show, we can ask the same question, will have to take this position. they can't be sucked into this vortex of craziness. >> no less an authority on crazy ideas than ann coulter has condemned the birther movement. she says it's the worst thing republicans could get involved in, makes republicans look crazy, it will sully the nominating the process. ann coulter thinks they're nuts to focus on this, but donald trump is leading the party in this direction. how much do republicans regret that donald trump opened his mouth and stepped into this
8:39 pm
birther controversy? >> well, i'll say this. even a stopped clock is right once or twice a day, that's where ann coulter is a miss. i don't think republicans need to take their cues from her. i think at this moment today what donald trump is doing is making tim pawlenty look good, which is more than what tim pawlenty is doing for tim pawlenty. so, you know, the republican inauguration is going to really divide into the serious and the less than serious, and donald trump who because of his name recognition, because of his billions, if he wanted to be a serious candidate and talk about jobs program, talk about how his business experience could be put to good use in the white house could be in the top tier. i, like you, don't think this is for real for him, but he could be there. he has decided to stay in crazy town. that makes the noncrazy candidates look a little better.
8:40 pm
i don't think pulling them down yet, it is giving tim pawlenty some stature. >> he is trying to pump up ratings for his tv shows. nbc has not ordered any new episodes of his show for the next season, they probably won't make that decision until they get to their so-called up fronts in may. that's the point at which donald will presumably drop out if they offer -- if nbc orders new episodes in production. but if they don't, he may hang around in this campaign for awhile. but do you see any possibility of trump actually getting any traction, or being able to change the subject away from the birth certificate if he wants to now that he's made it his number one issue? >> i think this guy knows media, he certainly knows publicity a serious candidate, start talking about issues and things
8:41 pm
other than himself and obama's birth certificate, he could be, he could get in the race and have an impact. not saying he could win, but i think he has enough -- there's enough interest, he is intriguing enough he could do that if he wants to. so far, he looks more like a media creation of his own doing. >> washington editor of mother jones, politics daily columnist and msnbc analyst, david corn. thank you very much for joining us, david. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, the confusing tea party response to president obama's address last night. tea party senator rand paul was in favor of everything, everything president obama has done in libya before he was against it. and sarah palin can't seem to understand a word the president says. they both get tonight's "rewrite." and later, bill o'reilly goes after sarah palin for her inability to answer a question directly. why the fox news king is going after his princess coming up.
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after president obama's libya address last night, senator rand paul posted a youtube response saying the president was behaving like a king. a few hours later, sarah palin said the president was taking a back seat role in the military operation in libya. those tea partiers both get tonight's "rewrite." and bill o'reilly goes after sarah palin. what's up with that? professional driver on a closed course. ♪ do not attempt at home. always wear your seat belt. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class.
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time for tonight's "rewrite." the tea party reaction to president obama's libya speech is in, and it is dazed and confused. >> it is very disappointing we didn't hear that commitment from our president that america's interests lie in gadhafi being ousted, and without that being met, you know, i have to again ask why in the world will our military might be used, according to the u.n. and arab league desires and nato leadership in this skirmish or war or whatever it is obama calls it or doesn't want to call it. >> what the president called it last night was a military operation, also called it a military mission. so you can call it that, either one of them or both, or you can call it a war as some people have, but if you are going to comment critically on what is happening in libya, you should
8:47 pm
be able to make your own decision about what to call it. now, i'm not well versed enough in palin-speak to know what else she said in that muddle of words, so let's see if she made any more sense when she continued. >> the inconsistency lies with the questions now being asked why not darfur, why not north korea, what are we going to do about syria, all these other areas where i guess america could intervene with our power and resources to help humanity. i did not make the case for this intervention. u.s. interests have got to be met if we are going to intervene, and u.s. interest can't just mean validating some post american serious intervention wherein we wait for the arab league and the united nations to tell us thumb's up, america, you can go now, you can act. then we get in the back of the bus and wait for nato, wait for the french to lead us. >> well, i have no idea what post american means, for
8:48 pm
something to be post american, there would have to be no more america, so, you know. and i know sarah palin has no idea what post american means. but i think i understand what she's actually trying to say in the rest of that thing, but that's not the way this happened. >> confronted by this brutal repression, and a looming humanitarian crisis, i ordered war ships into the mediterranean. european allies declared a willingness to commit resources to stop the killing. the libyan opposition and the arab league appealed to the world to save lives in libya. and so at my direction america led an effort with our allies at the united nations security council to pass an historic resolution that authorized a no-fly zone to stop the regime's attacks from the air and further authorized all necessary measures to protect the libyan people.
8:49 pm
>> there was no waiting for the french to lead us as sarah palin has imagined. but she is not the tea partier who is most confused by libya. that prize goes to the new tea party senator, rand paul. senator paul took to youtube last night to respond to the president's speech. >> in 2007, then candidate obama said that the president does not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. i agree with the candidate obama. unfortunately, president obama has failed to heed his own advice. he has ignored our constitution and engaged us in a military conflict without congressional debate and approval. while the president is the commander of our armed forces, he is not a king. he may involve those forces in military conflict only when authorized by congress or in response to an imminent threat.
8:50 pm
neither was the case here. >> turns out freshman senator paul agrees with candidate obama and president obama. what he left out of his youtube commentary last night is that 28 days ago senator paul voted for senate resolution 85, which was proposed by a bunch of liberal senators, including bernie sanders. that resolution, quote, strongly condemns the gross and systemic violations of human rights in libya, including violent attacks on protesters, demanding democratic reforms. calls on moammar gadhafi to decyst from further violence, recognize the libyan people's demand for democratic change, resign his position, and permit a peaceful transition to democracy. and urges the united nations security council to take such further action as may be necessary to protect civilians in libya from attack, including
8:51 pm
the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over libyan territory. so rand paul voted in the senate for regime change. he voted in the senate for the imposition of a no-fly zone. he voted for everything, everything president obama has said he is in favor of doing and everything president obama decided to do, and he voted for it weeks before president obama decided to do it. but because the news media virtually ignored the march 1st senate resolution until i happened to mention it on this network yesterday afternoon, rand paul and his staff managed to forget, along with the news media, that senator paul, like every other united states senator had voted their support for everything president obama has done weeks before the president took action. senate flip flops rarely get
8:52 pm
clearer or stupider than that. rand paul's foreign policy, humanitarian interventionist one day, isolationist the next, on exactly the same issue. so much for tea party diplomacy. : we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. 'rr,c,abndow amnas.thtedatomorrow we could do even more. but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury.
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sarah palin's slide off the republican a-list continues this week with her fox news boss taking a swipe at her even going as far as to compare her to
8:56 pm
president obama. >> the same thing is happening to sarah palin. her favorability among republicans has dropped four points in a month. the reason i think it's dropping is because she's not engaging directly, you know. when i had her on the program, i asked specific questions, she didn't want to answer them, she wanted to give a speech and this, that, and the other thing. >> he also found fault with christine o'donnell when she ran for the senate in delaware, so has o'reilly found his calling in republican politics, bullying the nuts off the stage to make room for viable candidates? joining me now, alex wagner, huffington post correspondent and msnbc analyst. alex, thanks for joining us tonight. hasbuhe
8:57 pm
been considered such for fox news, but o'reilly is a much more valuablefreaks, i think he wants people to concentrate on real viable republicans. >> nothing to see here, folks, keep moving. we historically had this henry higgins, ee liza do little relationship where they had spats before over immigration, over her experience, over the bp oil spill. this seems to be -- the rhetoric seems to be ratcheting up, the hard balls are coming faster, and from other corners, karl rove, another example. and i think what that represents is to your point this idea that the establishment gop understands that folks like sarah palin and michele bachmann pose a very real threat to the 2012 presidential candidacies, and regardless of whether they run, if their rhetoric dominates
8:58 pm
the stage, for moderates like mitt romney, the gop's greatest hope. >> isn't it proof that o'reilly is the absolute king of her fox news world, that she has not immediately tweeted some sort of attack of bill o'reilly for slighting her in any way. if anyone else had said that, there would be the palin attack machine immediately reacting. >> absolutely. and she has been quiet. look at the twitter feeds, facebook feeds. there hasn't been the knee jerk sort of reaction, somewhat like "the wizard of oz," calling down onto dorothy. at the same time, i think it is because there is an unspoken understanding that look, the republican party is in some trouble here. you look at what's happening on the hill, look at the interaction amongst establishment and tea party folks in congress, and i think the republicans are worried. sarah palin understands that and picking a fight right now with, you know, the media in terms of conservative circles is not a prudent thing to be done.
8:59 pm
>> o'reilly never likes limbaugh, never likes to mention him. he is never like those people there to the right of him, limbaugh is definitely to the right. palin is, too. does he see at this point in his career it's time for me to start playing king maker in republican party politics, limbaugh can't do that, i'm the guy that can do that? >> i can't, to a certain degree. i think he is involved in the news. if you look at where the country is at, look at the census results last week. hispanic growth in the country, it is 45% in the last ten years. black population, 11%, white population, 1%. i think there is some sense if not history of the electorate and the american public. perhaps o'reilly is cognizant of where folks like sarah palin and michele bachmann take the republican party on issues of immigration and what they mean in terms of the future of the republican party. >> we will keep our eye on o'reil


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